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Bully Brigade & ALL Training LLC is equipped to train and walk your dogs issues away!

Does your dog give you anxiety when he/she sees another dog?

Are you embarrassed by your dog's behavior?

Has your dog been kicked out of doggy daycare, play groups etc.?

Did you recently adopt a dog?

Is your commute long and your dog's living a crate life?

Does your dog need socialization?

Think your dog is a protector?

if you screamed YES to any or all of the questions above I can help you with these issues and many more!

Below are services offered:

 Please select the respective service(s) you are in need of!

"Woofs Up"


Consultations are conducted for behavioral issues resulting in private (one on one) training and dog walking services.

Consultations for behavioral issues are 60 minutes.

Dog walking Consultations are a 30 minute meet and greet.

All consultations are done at your home

Dog Training

Training is important at every stage of your dogs life!

  Whether you have a cute puppy or  a Little Rascal I provide training at every level from Little Rascals Basic Obedience, Pup Proof Intermediate Obedience or if you have a Mighty Dog Advanced Obedience

Dog Walking

Is your dog(s) living a crate life? Allow me to break her/him out with a mid-day walk for a potty break, fresh air and a little socialization.

Choose from:

"Walk This Way" designed for a one (1) dog household


"Who Let the Dogs Out?" designed for a multi-dog home

Both options offer 5, 10 and 20 day packages


Pack n Play involves 45 minutes of active socialization where puppies and dogs learn social graces and overcome social awkwardness to develop into well adjusted friendly dogs.

Personal Protection

Personal Protection training is for individuals and/or families who desire to have their canines participate in controlled personal protection work.

Board & Train

Want your dog trained but time and life have gotten in the way? This program is designed specifically for you and your dog!

Allow me to dig in and do the dirty work for you and train you in the end.


What's all the Bark About?

 Clients dug the services they received from BBT!